Flowers for the Autumn Wedding you weren’t planning on having.

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

*First posted April 2020

Covid-19 has put all our plans on pause and is likely to change elements of our lives for good. The UK is now set to have another 3 weeks on lockdown and almost all summer weddings and events have had to be cancelled or postponed. It’s very difficult to not be heartbroken by this, all the hours of planning and of course looking forward to your dream summer wedding come to life.

For those who have postponed for later in the year, you might be left wondered how you want your new autumn wedding to look. Your Pinterest board is full on summer blooms and pastel colours am I right?

Fear not, autumn flowers are just as gorgeous! You might be panicking that there’s less choice and less colour but I’m here to show you how beautiful an unexpected autumn wedding can be.

I love to keep my floristry as sustainable as possible so everything I talk about here should be available from British flower farmers.

Romantic Classics

For weddings in early autumn, Roses should still an option for you. These classic romantic flowers never go out of fashion so if you had planned to use cottage garden style flowers, you can still use elements of this theme with late blooming roses.

Port Sunlight David Austin Rose. peach English garden rose
Port Sunlight David Austin Rose- Image from David Austin

Carnival Colour

If you had planned a bold summer festival or party, Zinnias are a must! The bold bright colours are so unusual compared to other autumn flowers, they are just so fun you can help but think of a summer carnival when you see them.

Zinnias at Covent Flower Market, London- author’s own image.
Zinnias at New Covent Flower Market, London- author’s own image.

Light and bright

For something a little more subtle, Cosmos are an autumn flower to consider. The way they dance within a bouquet gives a lovely light and airy look and feel. Cosmos Purity is a brilliant white variety I love and perfect for a classic white and green colour scheme.

white cosmos purity flowers
Cosmos Purity- image from Sarah Raven

Dazzling Dahlias

Dahlias really are the stars of autumn, if you were worried about lack of variety, Dahlias will put your mind at ease! They are making a real comeback at the moment and it’s easy to understand why, there are endless possibilities with dahlias and hybrids. Dahlias come in almost every colour imaginable and are categorised by their size and shape, from ‘miniature’ and ‘pompom’ varieties which are typically less than 100m in diameter to giant ‘decorative’ and ‘cactus’ blooms almost the size as your head! The most popular Dahlia for brides is the Café Au Lait, a beautiful large creamy bloom that’s a real show stopper.

Cafe Au Lait in Bridal Bouquet- author’s own image.

Flowing flashes of colour

A flower/ foliage hybrid that I absolutely love to use alongside Dahlias is Amaranths. It might not look like a stereotypical flower but the way it moves in a bouquets is just gorgeous, they help create a cascading bouquet look but with a more natural shape. ‘Love lies bleeding’ might not sound partially romantic for a wedding bouquet, but the bold red/purple colour of this variety is a great way to liven up your flowers. However some something more subtle, Amaranths is also available in green making it a great filler/ foliage flower.

Coral Amaranthus
Coral Amaranthus- image from Pintrest

I hope these suggestions help to reassure you as you plan your new wedding date. If you had your heart set on Spring or Summer flowers, I suggesting asking your florist for a suitable alternative. Otherwise I hope with the extra time we find ourselves with, you can enjoying planning your big day for a little bit longer.

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